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I LOVE your products! I have tried countless products, spending large sums of money, for my daughters hair and absolutely nothing worked. I stumbled upon a product review of the olive oil cream and thought why not. This has been the best decision I have made for my daughters hair. I have never found a product that truly moisturized her hair. I love the MUD mask, the scalp oil and reconstructor shampoo. Wish your products were available at Target, as they would be the best products on the shelf! I look forward to a long relationship with DNY! Definitely a repeat customer.

Jodie Moore

"Hello! I just wanted to take the time to express my love of the Doris NY products. I first received the Mud Minerals pack in my CurlBox, and I have been hooked ever since. I could no re order fast enough. The Mud Minerals Pack makes my hair feel wonderful! After I rinse it out I have to do very little to my hair, and it is still soft, and manageable. I got a free sample of the Olive Oil Cream when I re ordered, and that has been awesome in my hair as well. I just received my Extreme Deep Treatment Conditioner, and tea Tree and Burdock Co Wash, and I cannot wait to try them! My wash day can't get here fast enough while I'm using these products! I can't wait tot try the entire line!"

Shafia M.
Philadelphia, Pa.


"I am completely in love with Doris New York products, specifically DNY Leave In Conditioner and Olive Oil Cream. I have been natural since 2009 and went through the transition process by wearing partial sew-ins. Due to heat damage, I had to deal with two different textures and ended up big chopping January 2013. I discovered DNY products in my Curlbox Natural box in 2012 and have ordered these products ever since. I was (still am) floored as to how hydrated my hair is after application of my DNY staple products. I also use Mud Minerals, which helps restore softness and shine to my hair--it also helps with detangling as well. Whenever anyone comments to my hair, I recommend DNY...every time!!"


"Hello I received the Mud Mineral Pack , Olive oil cream, leave in, and deep conditioner from CurlBox Natural . Also received a gift from my new friend @ Doris of new York :) which was the deep conditioner for my daughter YEAH. I have been using the Doris of new york products on my hair since receiving them. My hair has since using these products has retained length, LESS shrinkage, and the SLIP OMG!!! MY HAIR FEELS LIKE SILK!! No Kidding :). Process; Shampoo, Deep Condition, use leave in , then I two strand twist my hair in the OLIVE OIL CREAM. My hair is very VERY SOFT & SILKY. I LOVE MY DORIS NEW YORK PRODUCTS"

Blessings #Imluvinmycurls Tabatha Brown

"I was once told by my mother that in order to see if a product work, you will need to use the entire line and not mix products. Well, I just have to say I received my shipment on Friday, and our hair is feeling WONDERFUL. Time I received it, I threw away every other product in my cabinet before I used your product. I knew I loved the olive oil cream so I knew it was a keeper. Then we tried your shampoo, MUD (for my hair), and the deep conditioner for my daughter. I have never used a product where a little is all we need for our tight kinky hair. Now our hair regimen is complete. I was very impressed with how soft my daughter hair stayed after it completely dried. It was still moisturized and SOFT by the end of day two (after playing outside). My hair is still soft and moisturized, and this is day 3 for me. I will definitely keep this product on my shelf because it is the only product that works for us. Again, thank you."

Katrina Funchess
-Clinton, Mississippi

Doris New York Olive Oil cream was the only product that moisturized my hair and it stayed that way. Soft, fluffy and shiny. I love the products and the wonderful customer service. These products need to be in Target.stores worldwide!!!

-Gena Wallace Strickland

Doris I would like to say thank you I just got your products yesterday and I'm so happy I did. After using some other product line for the past month and each time I use those products it became dryer and dryer. After one use of yours its like it was never in that state of dryness. My hair has shine, its moisturize and soft and I'm sure with continue uses my hair will be at the health it was 2 yrs ago. Thanks to your products I love my hair again. Thanks to you I found my holy grail products.

Isetta Myers - Elizabeth,NJ

I have tried every product under the sun on my natural hair (thin/fine/colored). My hair was always to oily, dry, frizzy or curls not holding. I was so frustrated that I was seriously thinking about relaxing my hair again. My daugther watches video's on You Tube for natural hair (Mae). Mae was using products by Doris New York. My daughter said to me I bet this will work on your hair - try it. I tried it this week (Monday - Jan 23rd, 2012). I twisted it and the next morning when I took out my twist - I was absolutely blown away on how GREAT my hair looked. It was no longer dry/frizzy and my hair was bouncy/soft - the curls looked amazing. I must also mention that the products smell amazing. My hair smells great:) I have never rec'd so many compliments on my hair before. The caucasian women on my job can not stop complimenting me and african american women on the streets/trains of NY just stare at my hair. If they ask how I got my hair like this - I will absolutely let them know about Doris New York. I posted my experience on FB and told everyone about Doris of New York. I know so many women trying to figure out what to do with there natural hair after trying so many products - just to be let down by there claims of great looking hair after - as I was. Doris of New York have true bragging rights about what there products can do. For once a company with a product that really works!!!! I can't wait to see what my hair looks like in the next few months. I am sure it will only look better and better! THANKS DORIS OF NEW YORK FOR ACTUALLY CREATING A PRODUCTS THAT WORKS!!!!

Jillian - New York, New York

Before Doris New York hair care products came into my life, I didn't like my hair at all. Everyone else loved it but I was starting to hate it. It was forever dry, damaged and no matter how much time or money I spent experimenting with products NOTHING worked. As of today, after a full year of using these products.....I love LOVE my hair. It has strength, shine, volume which I totally love the bigger the better..lol. My hair is now healthy, I feel more beautiful because of it. I use The Reconstructor Shampoo which really cleanses my hair but never leaves it feeling dry. Then I usually switch up using the Extreme Deep Conditioner or The Mud Minerals Pack Treatment as my deep treatment routine. I apply the leave in conditioner all over my hair and then apply the Olive Oil Hair Cream. I also use the scalp oil around my hairline and in my scalp because my scalp tends to get dry also.

Thank you Doris NY....I'd be a bushy mess without you!!!!

- Jericho James

My name is Tamaratare Omaya, and I've been natural since June 2009 (transitioning), and I did my big chop in September 2009. During the summer i was in the process of transitioning with Bantu knots/ China bumps, where i actually got my hair done in Ghana, West Africa .While studying abroad i noticed the women there were so neat with the way they did hair. It was an art craft to me, how they would beautify people's hair. I never thought I would go natural ... I knew one day i would cut my hair low when I got older..But i'm still young so that was at the very back of my mind. The closest thing to natural for me was probably getting a afro puff sew in weave to adorn my crown. While in Ghana, West Africa, I went through a actual transformation, and wanted to rock a natural crown. I wanted to be naturally me!!!! the people, my classmates, and everyone loved the Bantu knots i wore for the 4 weeks, and encouraged me, and supported me in my transformation to becoming free of chemical process. Today, I use Doris Leave in Conditoner daily, as well as the Hair and scalp oil to massage my temples, and after i wash my hair. I wash my hair with Doris New York High Moisture Shampoo, and the leave in Conditioner. The Leave in Conditioner is my favorite product because it helps to revitalise my hair, and it retains moisture in my hair. I love the hair and scalp oil, and the Leave in Conditioner. Doris New York products are here to stay!

-Tamaratare Omaya
Mwah , DNY Lovelie, and i'm proud !!!

Thank you Doris New York! I recently had my third child and started to experience extreme shedding. Shedding to the point that I had patches of hair missing on both sides of head at my temples. I asked for suggestions on your Facebook page as to which products I could use to help stimulate my hair to grow back. It was suggested the extreme deep conditioner and the Green Hair Oil. That was back in mid March. I was amazed and happy that my hair was beginning to grow back by the beginning to mid April!!!!!!! I was impressed how my hair wasn't super oily nor did I have any build up of product from using the Hair Oil twice a day. And an added bonus is the Hair Oil smells wonderful. Doris New York you have successful helped my hair grow back. Thank you. In love with Doris New York

-Tia Moore
Queens, NY

Mud Mineral pack treatment, Leave in Conditioner and Olive Oil cream. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I washed my hair last night, did the Mud Mineral treatment. My entire head felt so good the minute I applied it and my hair was very soft after I rinsed it out. Then applied the leave in conditioner. While my hair was damp I applied a little Olive Oil cream as I two strand twisted my hair. My twist out in the morning was Da Bomb!!!! It was shiny with NO frizz. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Not to mention the products smell sooooo good. Thank you again!!

-Tracey Beekman
Fresco, TX

Love, love, love the leave in conditioner!!! My hair is nice and soft and it smells great! The olive oil hair cream is so nice for both my wash and go and twist outs! I just tried a twist out last night and really liked the results. Great products! Also,thanks so much for the deep conditioning sample! I will definitely be ordering again and trying more of your line!!

-Arlene D. Whye
Ellicott City, Maryland

I recently used the Doris NY Mud mask. I do not have a perm or any other chemicals in my hair so it is difficult to find products that are good for natural hair. When I'm not wearing my hair curly I usually get a wash and set (wash, roll, dry and flat iron) at my hairdressers. When I used the mud mask I was immediately impressed with the menthol-like ingredients, which I need because I have a dry scalp. When my hair dresser finished styling my hair I could tell right away that it look shinier than usual. For several days after having my hair done with the mud mask I received compliments on how healthy and shiny it looked. My hair is naturally oily so I hardly ever have to add moisturizing products to it after I get it done. But many days after using the mud mask (I won't say just how many lol) my hair still looks shiny and healthy without looking dirty and scraggly. This is definitely a product I will continue to use and recommend, especially to people who need a good moisturizing product that fights against breakage. Thanks again.


"Hello DNY- I received my satin sleeper and pillowcase yesterday and couldn't wait to go to bed. The material is so silky and plush and the pattern is so pretty, I can't see myself only wearing the sleeper to bed. Last night I used the Olive Oil, put my satin sleeper on and went to bed. I didn't have to do much to my hair this morning when I got up, my curls were not crushed and I didn't have to rub the lines from my forehead. I LOVE IT and will be buying another and another."

-Yery M Robinson
Atlanta, GA

So, I just finished doing a two strand twist. My twist are so shiny and I love the heaviness w/o any greasiness. Like who wants their man playing in their hair and then going wtf and wiping their hands in their tee shirt?? It gives my twist the perfect weight. I hate fuzzy twist that stick up in the air. Not sure what it smells like. It's very light though. My hair still feels wet in some areas which is a good thing. It has great ingredients added to it and best of all it WORKS!!! I've been looking for a staple styler/moisturizer so my twist would look polished and not like I'm some 7 yr old w/ slept on doo doo braids. And this cream does the trick. My twist stay together and are neat. My hair is soo shiny it looks black. Gurrrrrrrrl..... check you next pay period is all I have to say.

-Nikki Singleton
Kennesaw, Georgia


Thank you so much for being a creative part of these amazing products. I just recently started using Doris of New York products and i am in love!!!!! I have natural hair and have tried every product i could get my hands on to decrease the extreme dryness associated with natural hair. After ONE use my hair was soft, non-greasy, and full( decrease shrinkage). The green oil and olive oil works beautifully for my twist out. Thank you all at Doris of New York and a special thanks to Marlene for your kindness and dedication to perfection. I look forward to a long natural hair journey with you.

-CoCo Chretien
Austin, Tx


-Lorraine NaTasha West

I can say how much I LOVE Doris!!!!! I just got a touch up about three weeks ago and it did not burn AT ALL. First time EVER. My hair feel so healthy. The products are amazing!!!!!!! My hair looks so much better after only 1 wash and feels so soft. THANK YOU DORIS NEW YORK!!!!!!!!

- Apryl Grasty
New York, NY

I want to mention that I really like your product. I visited your booth at Circle of Sister's in October (NYC) and was given some styling advice for natural hair and purchased the Leave-In Conditioner and the Olive Oil Cream. My problem is "big dry poofy" as I call it. I have been using both products and love it. I've also be doing the two strand twist at night and un-twisting it in the morning, which gives me a different look.

Thanks a million. I think I hit the jackpot on this one. Can't wait to use some of your other products.

- Myra Bracey

OMG I just tried the Shampoo (It was like putting a fresh garden on my hair) it was light but jam packed with MOISTURE! My ends are screaming "THANK YOU DORIS!" Also the Leave In Conditioner smelled great and my hair has NO tangles! I am still whipping my head..I think my neck might hurt later but WHO CARES right..my hair is FAB!!!!!!!!

Your Extreme Deep Conditioning Treatment is so fabulous! My hair is flowing and is extra silky after one use. Also when I put it in my hair, I could comb it out so easily - I didn't have to spray in any leave in conditioner!!! I love it!!!!!!!

- Evita Castine
Los Angeles, CA


I love using Doris' products on my hair. After washing and conditioning my locs are moisturized and shiny. In between washes, I oil my scalp and hair with Doris' hair oil. Unlike some other products I've used, Doris' hair oil does not leave a build up or become dull and flaky after a few days. The hair oil leaves my scalp healthy and my locs well groomed. I've been using Doris' hair care products for about nine months and my locs are the healthiest they've ever been.

Brooklyn, NY

I am a hair product junkie...I have tried everything under the sun...You name it I can guarantee I have tried it...Unfortunately, I can't say it has had the results I need...Healthy feeling and healthy looking hair.

I am letting my hair grow and it has been a challenge. My hair was feeling very dry and not growing. I began using the products 3 weeks ago and I can see and feel the difference. My hair is shiny. The hair oil is A MIRACLE POTION . My hair is Definitely growing...If you are looking to have healthy long beautiful hair. I highly recommend. THANK YOU DORIS!

- Patricia Santana
Brooklyn, NY
March 24, 2009

I especially recommend the "Leave In" product. I am usually "in a hurry" and cannot spend the day at the beauty parlor, so the "Leave In" can be put in my hair immediately after the shampoo and then blow dried. It leaves my hair quite manageable.

- Gloria M. Allen, MD
Hollis, NY

I highly recommend Doris Hair Care Products:

Doris Hair Care Shampoo
This shampoo is excellent. It cleans the hair beautifully.

Doris Hair Care Conditioner
This conditioner is outstanding. It restores moisture and sheen to my hair. It strengthens my hair shaft. This conditioner is especially good for permed, dry or damaged hair. After using this product my hair feels strong and lustrous.

Doris Hair Care Oil
This hair oil is good for the health and strength of my hair. This product is the answer for dry hair and itchy scalp. Since using all of these products my hair has never felt of looked better.

- Gloria Stratford
St. Albans, NY

I have been using Doris' Hair Care products for 2 years. My hair has stopped falling out and the Hair Oil has given my hair a lovely sheen and also stopped the dryness.

- Judith Brown
Cambria Heights, NY

I have been using Doris' Hair Care products for over four years and a few words cannot describe how satisfied and pleased I am on the condition of my hair. I have received numerous compliments on the healthy look of my hair. My hair always has this lustre and bouncy look. My daughter uses the product also, and she is very pleased with the condition of her hair. Doris New York Hair Care products are the best on the market for black hair.

- Elaine Grey Cambria Heights, NY

Doris hair products are the best treatments I have ever used. The hair oil is fantastic and I used it daily to my scalp and hair. The product penetrates quickly and leaves your hair feeling soft and strong. I have never experienced a treatment that works so well with my hair (which is very fine) and has improved the growth and texture of my hair. I would recommend these products to everyone (and I have)!

- Gretchen Hodge-Fenn

I see a tremendous improvement in my hair since I've used the shampoo and conditioner. The thinning areas have filled in, and in general, the growth has been awesome! I am extremely pleased with Doris New York's products and look forward to many years of having continued healthy hair.

- Judge ChereƩ A. Buggs

Doris New York hair products are truly fantastic. My hair is curly and tends to frizz and dry out by the end of day. I find that your leave-in conditioner serves as a great alternative for other products like waxy or greasy pomades. Unlike pomades, your conditioner helps hold my curls, are greaseless, plus lock in moisture. I myself have been using your leave in-conditioner and have also shared a few your fine products with some of my female co-workers who also think highly of them. Great hair products are priceless because hair is the crown you are born with and your products make me look and feel like a king.

- Actor, artist and producer Anthony Harper

I have tried different products out there and nothing helped my hair. I was embarrassed about my weak breaking hair and then tried Doris New York Hair and Scalp Oil and my hair went to work in just two weeks time!! I see a big difference in my hair. I had a bald spot in the front and nape of my neck, now it's growing in and my hair looks so much better! The hair and Scalp Oil worked so fast, you won't be disappointed. I LOVE IT! I wouldn't use anything else. Now, I'm proud of my strong shiny hair!

- Adrienne W.M