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About Us

Doris New York

Doris' Salon was started in the basement of her home in Cambria Heights, Queens. A few years later through long hours and hard work Doris was able to establish a salon just a block away on Linden Blvd. She has remained in business for over forty years catering to the community and providing the love and attention that our hair needs!

Early on Doris realized that the hair care market had a shortage of products that were actually "doing the job" of nourishing and moisturizing the scalp and hair. It was then she began creating recipes and making her own oils and conditioners with the help of ingredients passed down from her grandmother, in her kitchen. The outcome was phenomenal!!! Doris' customers began asking if they could purchase her products because their hair was healthier, growing rapidly, stronger and just looked amazing. Our success is forty years in the making. "When your first client ever still walks into your salon after 40 years you know you are doing something right! It's more than a job, it's a passion, it's the creation of relationships and the love you pass on to everyone that crosses your doorstep" - Doris Duperly. That is the true meaning of DNY's success.

The Mission of Doris New York

It was over forty years ago, the Mission of Doris New York was born. This birth created a standard of dedication and promise to service that surpassed even our own imagination and we are proud to continue to bring our customers and our communities this same quality today.

"We understand a successful company must have a purpose in order for its survival. Financial success is a requirement, but more importantly, Doris New York understands that loyalty, appreciation, love and dedication to quality is the formula that allows us to continue year after year. We believe the main reason for our existence lives in truth, the honest reputation we have with our customers and the value we place on our relationships with each and every person." It's no mistake Doris New York has been called "The Bentley Of Hair Care" We take pride in delivering products that not only are we proud of but who we like to refer to as our "extended family" can be proud of, our community!

Doris New York works hard every day to maintain our vision and we look forward to establishing a trusting and lasting place in your hearts and homes! Remember HEALTHY HAIR IS GOOD HAIR!