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Doris New York’s Hair Care Products are formulated from the finest natural and naturally derived ingredients. Our essential oils and extracts are of the highest quality! We believe that experience is your best teacher, so for approximately 40 years of working on every hair type and texture, Doris knows what will work on your hair. It’s more than reading and researching ingredients that are said to be effective and creating mixtures, it’s about knowing hair, discerning the problem from the root, and having that hands on experience to give you the care your hair deserves. Our products are never tested on animals! We test them everyday on ourselves, co-workers and even our clients in the salon that embrace the opportunity to do so, trusting…Doris will always deliver a great hair product! This type of trust is one that is developed over time and not forced, much like our products.

Please rest assured in knowing that you are receiving a hair care system enriched with carefully selected quality ingredients created by a person enriched with the knowledge, the experience, and the love for what she does.